Digital access to the most accurate medical information

The PharmaGuide Desktop Application is a medical reference tool providing comprehensive prescribing and trade information of all medicines available within a country. This tool gives access to critical medical information on your desktop.

Prescribing Information

Get prescribing information instantly with PharmaGuide.

Drug Interaction

Know which medicines work well together and which do not.


Instantly get a list of alternatives for the prescribed medicine.

We provide the most relevant information.

The PharmaGuide Desktop App gets updated monthly to ensure that you are equipped with the most recent information regarding WHO and USFDA Drug Prescribing information, new products, and price changes. These instant and free updates are critical for day-to-day practice.

Who can use PharmaGuide


PharmaGuide Desktop is the go-to solution for universities to provide an accurate medical reference tool for their students, admins and professors that helps them with their research needs.


PharmaGuide helps Pharmacies stay up-to-date with new products and facilitate their customers by providing alternatives, prescribing information, interactions and much more.

Personalize for your organization

Create your own formulary by selecting a subset of the products available in the market.

Connect all your devices to one admin client and automatically link the same data and formulary on all the devices.

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